Psicotea and Ontopsychology (Antonio Meneghetti - Ontopsicologia)

Beyond the cultural and psychological acquisitions, the Ontopsychology (Ontopsicologia) causes, through the scene, a real fun and a premeditated involvement by directing a safe type of involvement that will be caused.

Once you know the starter emotional and behavioral programming to character, it is easy to build the film is a vast commercial success, is a serious introspection theater to enable an analytical catharsis to the actors and spectators. 

Knowing the motivation-based projection of human and applying the rational parameters of the semantic field, is able to motivate and let people talk with their psychological inseità. Basically it is to talk about how things are moving, or as the conscience and should or could perceive. What justifies the taking could also be totally free or fortuitous, but it is not as what you intend to be the case. The Psicotea - Psychothea is based on precise knowledge of human life paths and that emotion is a psychosomatic unit of action that is man. Ontopsychology know means to know where are the causes psychic phenomena that make the man. By applying this knowledge to the theater, took a theatrical performance, one can change history by using the parameter of reality, rather than the projection. In the face of any fact (of reading, memory, projection, the complex) we must be able to create many opportunities, other situations. The idea is that art of Ontopsychology - including a real-time - you are free to improvise any variation from the script. 

So you should not live art as repetition or memory of the dead, but according to the news of the living. The whole art is always a repetition of a small part of the grid deformation. The great art should not be born from memory, but dall'In himself of the subject.